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Shiny New Sites!

It’s been a VERY busy couple of months here at Jack Marlow - we’ve rebranded and relaunched our own website, we’ve moved our network, and are in the throes of moving offices. Somehow, during all of this, we’ve also managed to launch some pretty amazing websites! 

Let’s have a closer look at a couple of them...

First up: WCIG. Westgate Community Initiatives Group Inc is a not-for-profit employment services provider ‘committed to affirming the right of every individual to a meaningful role in society’.

WCIG creates partnerships for employment through the provision of services and programs including Training, Disability Employment Services, Youth Connections, Managed Individual Pathways, the National Green Jobs Corp Program and the Australian Apprenticeship Access Program.

WCIG contacted Jack Marlow after being impressed with our website for Bettenay’s at The Prince Albert Hotel. We were able to provide them with a fresh, professional-looking site that provides relevant and detailed information about each of their services and programs.

Next: Related WCIG community initiatives Cleanable and Love Luvo were also launched at the beginning of August.

Coming to us with some strong branding, the production team were able to take great design elements and turn them in to easy-to-navigate, informative websites which are easily maintained with our Jack Marlow content management system.

Finally (for this month): Kooringal Fashions. In partnership with BRB Creative, we have created a stylish online shopping site for our client Anne, who offers ‘mature fashion with excellent personal service’. The website complements her bricks-and-mortar business, and now gives her access to customers Australia-wide. Anne has also made excellent use of social media tie-ins, with an equally stylish Facebook Business Page (designed by BRB).

One of the nifty new things we’ve incorporated into the Kooringal Fashions site is the ability to sell and redeem Gift Certificates. This is an oft-requested feature, and we are looking forward to rolling it out to other Jack Marlow e-commerce sites soon.

So there’s August at Jack Marlow in a nutshell for you - stay tuned for our next post where we have a very special site (and a very lovely client) to introduce you to!

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