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When Google or another Search Engine indexes your website (looks through it and stores information about your website for when someone does a search) it will follow all of your links to read all of the information on your pages.

A good way to ensure that the search engine sees all of the pages on your website is to provide a sitemap to the search engine. A good Content Management System will build and update a sitemap for google to read automatically.

All websites running the Jack Marlow software have a sitemap for Google which  is updated whenever you update the structure of the site. Find out if your content management system automatically updates the sitemap served to Google. Along with listing the pages a good Sitemap will also tell Google the relative importance of pages and how frequently they are likely to change (so that Google Spiders know when to come back and update your listing in the Search Engine)

If you don’t have a sitemap generated automatically, you’ll need to get a sitemap which you can update as you make changes to your website: there are a number of Free online tools which will generate a sitemap for you:

Try: or search on Google for "Generate XML Sitemap".

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