As the sun sets on another year we're taking the time to look back on the last 12 months.

Here are some thoughts from the team:

Since we pushed our first Jack Marlow website live in 2009 we've had the opportunity to develop some fantastic long-standing relationships with our clients. 2015 was a really great year for us going back to some of our older clients and making sure their websites are up to 2015 standards, are fully responsive and reflect their business in 2015.

Not only is the web a completely different animal these days but many of our clients have expanded their businesses, changed their focuses or restructured! We've got a few more redesigns and re-brands to launch in the new year which I'm itching to announce but for me the highlights of 2015 were working on and re-launching the Riverina Tourism websites, Lower Plenty Dental and Hemden all with stunning looking and fully responsive websites.

Elise Kumar, Front End Developer

Being the newest member of the Jack Marlow team, 2015 was a thrilling ride for me. I got the opportunity to acquaint myself with long time clients like Rivkin, Lower Plenty Dental, Riverina Tourism and Udaya via website redesigns, email campaigns and general support. I also had the good fortune to sink my teeth into projects from new clients, such as Direct Systems. It's a great honour to be immersed in a team oriented atmosphere on the cutting edge of web technology, and I'm looking forward to all the excitement and challenges for 2016 and beyond!

Marcus Pulkas, Project Manager / Designer

2015 was a big year with a lot of red letter days but also a lot of consolidation. We undertook a (slight) rebrand, relaunched our product range, moved into new markets, got our superstar support specialist Dan back on the team, moved to Abbotsford, and brought Marcus on board to help us into our next stage of growth.

The highlight of the year without a doubt goes to a few moments - brief flashes where new clients get a certain look on their face; it's that wide eyed "Oh wow" stare when you're delivering a project or training someone, and they completely lose themselves in the screen as the penny drops and they realise how much easier their job will be now because of the load our software can take off. How much less time they're going to have to spend copying and pasting data between legacy systems, or opening Outlook to send reminder or follow-up emails manually. Getting that look from a client is the highlight of the week when it happens. Some of our new RTO clients like Vital First Aid and CPR First Aid will know exactly what I'm talking about! I know I'm looking forward to many more of those in the new year.

2016's already shaping up brilliantly - January will bring some more big product announcements and another new team member; in February we're launching the next version of Truss RTO, and in April-- well, let's not talk about April just yet :)

Kieran Morrissey, Director

Thanks for your support over the year, and here's hoping that you and yours have a brilliant Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year!

Jack Marlow will be on holiday support until the 4th of January, 2016.

While most staff are now on holidays, if you need assistance during this time we'll be monitoring email and voicemail so please drop us a message and we'll get back to you.

Otherwise the whole team will be back, refreshed and bushy tailed ready to start a new year on the 4th of January!

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