As a key provider for hospitality industry supplies and outfitting, Advantage Commercial Kitchens is a central to Melbourne's thriving hospitality scene. With a massive number of kitchen appliances for sale as well as a custom outfitting service, ACK requires a site that is as functional as it is intuitive and informative. In the lead up to exhibiting at the Fine Food show in September, their website was due for an upgrade.

We've maintained ACK's sales inventory functionality for a couple of years now, and 2016 provided us an opportunity to refresh the site to meet today's standards across multiple platforms. This update included both a visual and organizational overhaul. In an attempt to simplify sales and enquiries for the site's massive inventory, we went for a straightforward clean look and feel and a reduced product list for sale, rolling out a visually appealing and easy to use quote feature for the remainder of the product range. Our collaboration with ACK resulted in an effective site that works across all platforms and lets the products do the talking.

In addition to visual streamlining, Truss CRM provides ACK with a solution for their sales needs. Integrating brilliantly with Xero and Unleashed, ACK's custom-built CRM allows for fine control over business rules, streamlined quote generation and approval, saving ACK's management time, and helping drive more business.
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