Direct Systems provide geophysical services and equipment to the mining and civil industry around Australia as well as for international and offshore projects. They needed a website to showcase their past projects and advertise their equipment and services to new and existing clients. To accompany their fresh new site, they also required a branding update which we were more than happy to provide.

As Direct Systems can manage their own content it's important that the design is flexible enough to accommodate different amounts of content while still maintaining design integrity. We've placed the background images specifically so that they'll display well even when the quantity of text varies. Direct Systems also have the ability to add and remove their own equipment and services items from the website - we've used Font Awesome for the iconography which means they'll be able to add additional items here and pick from a large library of icons without having to come back to Jack Marlow for design work.

In addition to creating a site that's both aesthetically appealing and responsively sound, our comprehensive design for Direct Systems included their bold new logo design. From sketching to layout, we hammered our several revisions with a variety of both typographical and graphical elements before finally settling on the current design. It's always rewarding to provide a collborative overhaul from start to finish, and Direct Systems gave us a great opportunity to do just that.

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