This is my latest Blog Entry

Would you use the words “This is a billboard” on a billboard? Or start a brochure with “welcome to our brochure”? Probably not – pretty much everyone knows that a billboard is a billboard and a brochure is a brochure and pretty much everyone knows that a website is a website.

Following on from my 1 Minute SEO blogs on headings and link text you’ll remember that the words you use in headings are important as are the words you use in links.

Don’t waste valuable word space on links that state “click here”. Links are often brightly coloured and eye catching – if you use words which relate to the destination page your visitors will be easily able to find the page and information they’re looking for on your website. And you’re also telling Google more about what you do.

Use relevant keywords in your headings. Don’t waste heading space saying “Welcome to the [company name] website”. Use that space to immediately grab your visitors attention and let them know the benefits of your products or services - and tell let Google know at the same time what keywords are most important to your business.

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