This may come as a surprise to you, but Jack Marlow’s Support Team takes quite a few calls each day. In spite of our 99.9% uptime (hey, we think it’s worth bragging about!), we field heaps of requests all day long about websites - ranging from accidental deletes and oopses, to site capabilities or mysterious-seeming error messages.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses get online, and along the way we’ve learned a few tricks. As you’re getting your business online, sooner or later you’re bound to hit a bump or two. Whether you're after tech support from Jack Marlow or anywhere else, knowing the right steps to get help can make all the difference. 

When technical things throw you curveballs, here are the Three Things your Support Team will need to know to help you:

1. What were you doing?

If something goes wrong on your website, the very first thing Tech Support is going to try to do is to replicate the problem.  In the simplest terms possible, just tell us what you did and where you clicked. Give as much information as you can about where on the site you were and what you were trying to do when you ran into the problem. Don't worry if you don't know the "technical term" for things. Because even a simple “how to” might depend on the context of where you are on the site, the more information you can offer Support, the easier it will be for them to find the solution.

2. What did you expect to happen?

You’d be amazed how frequently our support team hears the words, “It’s broken!” when more often than not, things just didn't work in the way you were expecting. We are always updating our products and services so that we can make them work better and more intuitively, but every now and then things do go wrong. When you’re reporting a problem, let us know what you thought should have happened. If your website isn't working the way you expect it to, we want to make it better. We'll point you in the direction of an easier way of doing things - and try to make things less confusing for the future.

3. What happened instead?

What exactly was it you saw on your site to make you think, "I'd better ring Support." Was there an error message? Did you end up somewhere that you didn't want to be? Is something missing or doesn't look quite right? Did you get an error message? Were you expecting there to be a button that wasn’t there? Sure, it’s tempting to call us and say, “It’s broken!”, but “broken” doesn't quite convey what’s gone wrong so we can fix it. If something looks funny, take a screenshot. If you get an error message, jot it down. 

We hope that getting your business online is a smooth and simple process, and we want to help make it as easy as possible. Just answer these three simple questions the next time things don’t quite go as expected, and our support team can fix pretty much anything for you.


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