It's always exciting to work with new clients and to be a part of a business's first online steps. But there is a real pleasure in working with long-standing clients and redesigning and re-visioning an older project.

We first launched the Hemden website back in early 2010 and over the past five years we've made lots of tweaks and refinements to Eugene's website and design - but this year it was time to do a complete overhaul.

I absolutely love the Hemden design and it's a great example of how product imagery can really make or break a website. The photos and videos on the new Hemden website really shine and I know all the gentlemen in the office have been just about drooling!

I had a lot of fun building the video banner which looks absolutely incredible on my big monitor. But I also spent a lot of time working on collapsing the design down so that it looks just as stunning on a smaller laptop, an iPad or a mobile phone. 

Back in 2010 using anything but a few websafe fonts online was much more difficult - and more importantly resource intensive - than it is in 2015 and matching the body font to the Futura font face in the Hemden logo really brings everything together. 

Along with the new "front-end" the new Hemden website also re-launches with the latest version of our Content Management System with responsive tools and editors that make it easier to edit the website on smaller devices as well as easily adjusting the content for different device sizes.

Congratulations on your website re-launch, Eugene! It's been a pleasure working with you as always.

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